all twiliofaces inject annotations

Twilio makes HTTP requests to your application just like a regular web browser. By including parameters and values in its requests, Twilio sends data to your application that you can act upon before responding. You can configure the URLs and HTTP Methods Twilio uses to make its requests via the account portal or using the REST API. You can inject, in your CDI bean, a twilio request param using the corresponding annotation:

public SimpleRequestController {

   private String callSid;

If you inject some parameter in a session scoped component, you should use Instance<String> to read the valued, otherwise you will read always the value injected at creation of controller. With Instance<String> you will read the contextual value.

public SimpleSessionController implements Serializable{

   private Instance<String> from;



For more information about single param, read:

configuration annotations (org.twiliofaces.inject.configuration)

  1. TwilioAccount

  2. TwilioAccountSid

  3. TwilioAuthToken

  4. TwilioCapabilityToken

  5. TwilioConnectAppSid

  6. TwilioNumber

notification annotations (org.twiliofaces.inject.notification)

  1. AccountSid

  2. ApiVersion

  3. Caller

  4. CallerName

  5. CallSid

  6. CallStatus

  7. Digits

  8. Direction

  9. ForwardedFrom

  10. From

  11. FromCity

  12. FromCountry

  13. FromState

  14. FromZip

  15. PhoneNumber

  16. RecordingDuration

  17. RecordingSid

  18. RecordingUrl

  19. SmsStatus

  20. To

  21. ToCity

  22. ToCountry

  23. ToState

  24. ToZip

  25. TranscriptionSid

  26. TranscriptionStatus

  27. TranscriptionText

  28. TranscriptionUrl

  29. TwilioRequestParams (all request params annotation)

  30. TwilioSignature

twilio scope annotation (org.twiliofaces.inject.context)

  1. TwilioScope

sip annotations (org.twiliofaces.inject.notification.sip)

  1. DialSipCallId

  2. DialSipHeader_

  3. DialSipHeader

  4. DialSipResponseCode

  5. SipCallId

  6. SipHeader

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